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Manchester SC Tryouts

All teams are holding OPEN practices (no release form is required for rostered select players after this date).  This is your opportunity to come to a session and meet the coaches and returning players.  No fee, no commitment. We sign interested players to rosters the first week in July.


Teams are currently looking for additional players!!! Contact our coaches for more information about open roster positions.





03 Boys (seeking players) - Coach Bryan at


04 Boys White (3 roster spots open) - Coach Bryan at


05 Boys Blue (seeking GK) - Contact Coach Doug at


07 Boys (seeking 4 players) - Coach Joshua at


09 Boys Red (3 roster spots open) - Coach Tom at





04 Girls (3 open spots) - Coach Bryan at


06 Girls Blue (seeking players) - Coach Thomas at


07 Girls Blue (seeking 2-3 players) - Coach Thomas at


07 Girls Red (seeking 2-3 players) - Coach Carlos at


08 Girls (open roster spots) - Coach Matt at 


09 Girls (3 open spots) - Coach Matt at 


10 Girls (open roster spots) - Coach Rendell at 


11 Girls (2 roster spots open) - Coach Rendell at 


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