Code of Coaching Ethics



This Code of Coaching Ethics has been developed to clarify and define 
standards of professional, ethical and moral behavior from coaches affiliated 
with Manchester SC. 




1.1 Coaches shall not place the value of winning over the safety and welfare of players. 
1.2 Coaches shall instruct players to play within the Laws of the Game and within the spirit of the game at all times. 
1.3 Coaches shall not seek unfair advantage by teaching unsporting behavior to players. 
1.4 Coaches shall not encourage, condone, or tolerate inappropriate behavior from players in any situation. 
1.5 Coaches shall not encourage players to violate any Law of the Game or any rule of competition established by NTSSA. 
1.6 Coaches shall not encourage, condone, or permit any player to violate any bylaw, rule, or policy of NTSSA or the applicable Member Organization. 
1.7 Coaches shall not discourage, deter, or deny players the right of advancement to participate in training or competition at a higher level. 
1.8 Coaches shall direct players to seek proper medical attention for injuries and to follow instructions received from health care professionals regarding treatment and rehabilitation.




2.1 Coaches shall afford to opponents the respect expected by the Law of Game and the spirit of NTSSA competition. 
2.2 Coaches shall not encourage, condone, or permit any player to engage in conduct with the intent of causing injury to an opponent. 
2.3 Coaches shall not engage in any physical or verbal confrontation with any opposing player, coach, or supporter. 
2.4 Coaches shall not scout an opponent except in sanctioned competition in places open to the public. 




3.1 Coaches shall be aware of the Laws of the Game and shall adhere to the letter and spirit of the Laws of the Game. 
3.2 Coaches shall provide instruction to players on the meaning and application of the Laws of the Game. 
3.3 Coaches shall accept the responsibilities of team leadership and shall be accountable for the conduct of the players, team officials, and spectators affiliated with their teams. 




4.1 Coaches shall extend respect and courtesy to match and competition officials. 
4.2 Coaches shall not incite players, team officials, or spectators into conduct towards officials that is contrary to the Laws of the Game. 
4.3 Coaches shall not make demeaning or derogatory comments or gestures directed towards any official. 
4.4 Coaches shall use their influence and authority to deter inappropriate conduct by supporters towards officials and opponents. 
4.5 Coaches shall employ only methods authorized by the Laws of the Game, the rules of the competition, or the policies of NTSSA to pursue review of decisions by match or competition officials. 




5.1 Coaches shall comply with the rules, policies, and procedures established by NTSSA and the applicable Member Organization. 
5.2 Coaches shall become aware of the rules, policies and procedures of NTSSA and the applicable Member Organization regarding player and team eligibility, team formation, and recruiting. 
5.3 Coaches shall refer disputes, appeals, and disciplinary reports to proper authorities as designed by NTSSA and the applicable Member Organization. 
5.4 Coaches shall not encourage, condone, or permit any player, team official, or surrogate to violate any bylaw, rule, or policy of NTSSA or its Member Organizations. 




6.1 Coaches shall comply with rules and policies pertaining to registration and player recruitment. 
6.2 Coaches shall not engage in any recruiting activity at any event sponsored by the Olympic Development Program (ODP) or the Junior Development Academy (JDA). 
6.3 Coaches shall not solicit or encourage the transfer of any player currently registered to another Club. 
6.4 Coaches shall not knowingly misrepresent the potential benefits to a player of becoming affiliated with a particular coach, team, or member organization. 
6.5 Coaches shall not knowingly, recklessly, or negligently misrepresent or defame programs associated with other coaches, teams, or member organizations. 
6.6 Coaches shall not promise or provide any compensation to a player as an inducement to register or play with a particular team or member organization. 
6.7 Coaches shall cease and desist from any and all recruiting activity directed toward a player upon request from the player or the player's legal guardian. 
6.8 Coaches shall not allow any surrogate to engage in recruiting activities prohibited by the Code of Coaching Ethics.


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